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    Racism derails our attempts to fight the climate crisis

    Ayana Elizabeth Johnson asked in The Washington Post how people of color can effectively lead on climate solutions when faced with pervasive and life-shortening racism? Read more

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Nigel Golden presented the 2020 Ambrose Jearld Jr. Lecture on Diversity and Inclusion in July. His remarks focused on the importance of addressing the cultural and structural barriers to full participation by marginalized communities in STEM. Golden provided a framework for addressing the systemic issues that may explain and/or address those barriers.

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Jul 21, 2020
Five teams from across North America have been selected as finalists for the Connectivity Challenge , a $100,000 incentive prize launched by the CSU Salazar Center for North American Conservation...Read more >
Jul 18, 2020
Genie Bey is now an Environmental Protection Specialist with the DC Department of Energy and Environment. She is on the flood risk mitigation team within the Water Resources Protection and Mitigation...Read more >
Jul 18, 2020
Dave Kramer has joined UT Austin as their Program Director of the Planet Texas 2050 program . The program happens to include support for a research team that Miriam Solis is on. Her research project...Read more >
Jul 18, 2020
ABSTRACT Offshore wind farms are rapidly being permitted along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. Exposure of northern gannet ( Morus bassanus ) to multiple wind farms could affect the...Read more >

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