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    What zebra mussels can tell us about errors in coronavirus tests

    Andrew Cohen's research is now informing medicine, and  the results of of dire importance.

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    Racism derails our attempts to fight the climate crisis

    Ayana Elizabeth Johnson asked in The Washington Post how people of color can effectively lead on climate solutions when faced with pervasive and life-shortening racism? Read more

  • What's in a seminar?

    Graduate students at the UMass Amherst redesigned their departmental seminar series to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. Other institutions could do the same, writes Fellow Nigel Golden.

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Leadership Story

Juan Reynoso is only the second person to have completed a new joint Master in Public Health (M.P.H.)/Master in Urban Planning (M.U.P.) degree program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD). The program allows students to pursue a transdisciplinary education in urban planning and public health and sharpen their understanding of key areas including policy, sustainability, and social determinants of health.

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Jun 24, 2020
While PCR-based diagnostic tests have been used in medicine for decades, they have never been used as they being used now, for broad screening of the general public, with a single positive result accepted as proof of infection without regard to clinical signs or symptoms or epidemiological exposure. Andrew Cohen had the opportunity in the environmental setting—unlike anyone in the medical profession—to observe the disaster that unfolds when these tests are used that way. His research is now informing medicine, as many scientists who usually have nothing to do with viruses or infectious disease are turning their attention to COVID-19.Read more >
Jun 9, 2020
For people who live or work close to major roadways, air pollution — particularly ultrafine particles from vehicle exhaust — can pose a serious health threat. In this episode, Christina Fuller, an...Read more >
Jun 9, 2020
Current marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean need to be at least doubled to adequately safeguard the biodiversity of the Antarctic, according to a new CU Boulder study published in April on...Read more >
Jun 8, 2020
Mountains around the world share something in common – they are home to wildlife that can only tolerate so much disturbance from human activity. ... In the US, post-war urbanisation triggered worries...Read more >

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