• Colonialism, the climate crisis, and the need to center Indigenous voices

    Colonialism, the climate crisis, and the need to center Indigenous voices

    Deniss Martinez writes: as world leaders gather at COP26, we need acknowledge the historical root causes of the climate crisis.

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  • Settlement proposed to clean up mercury in the Penobscot River

    Mercury clean up proposed in Penobscot River

    Karen Merritt studied mercury contamination in the river as a 2006 Switzer Fellow. She recently returned to work on a report leading to a settlement to clean it up.

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  • Deadly spread of tree disease driven by climate change

    Deadly spread of tree disease driven by climate change

    Joan Dudney's research discovered elusive evidence into how climate change and drought shifted white pine blister rust into higher elevations.

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Leadership Story

Kevin Kung's company Takachar wins Prince William's inaugural Earthshot Prize

Globally, we generate $120 billion of agricultural waste every year. What farmers cannot sell, they often burn, with catastrophic consequences for human health and the environment. Takachar has developed a cheap, small-scale, portable technology that attaches to tractors in remote farms. The award-winning machine converts crop residues into sellable bio-products like fuel and fertilizer, and reduces smoke emissions by up to 98%.

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Dec 1, 2021
Dustin Mulvaney is presenting a webinar on Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021 to the IEEE’s Santa Clara Valley Sustainability Chapter on Labor, Land, and Waste Across the Life Cycle of Solar Power.Read more >
Dec 1, 2021
This three-year project, dubbed Toxic Tides, is the first systematic look at the environmental justice ramifications of sea level rise and hazardous sites along the entire coast of California.Read more >
Nov 16, 2021
Millions of poultry died and thousands of pigs and their waste was washed into local waterways by the millions of gallons, with negative impacts for the health of environmental justice communities and local ecosystems.Read more >
Nov 11, 2021
The standard is the world’s first science-based certification of companies’ net-zero targets in line with the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping planetary warming to 1.5°C.Read more >

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