• An energy plant full of machinery and smokestacks, with a blue sky in the background during a toxic tour of Wilmington, CA, a predominantly Latinx neighborhood surrounded by industry and oil.

    Historic redlining increases exposure to oil and gas wells

    Rachel Morello-Frosch finds structural racism in federal policy is linked to higher exposures to oil and gas wells in marginalized neighborhoods.

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  • Headshots of three smiling men: Ekow Edzie, Roger Perez, Michael Billingsley

    Get to know our new trustees

    We’re excited to welcome three new members to the Board of Trustees: Ekow Edzie, Roger Perez and Michael Billingsley. Learn more about them and their inspiration to join.

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  • A progression from Exclusion - Segregation - Integration - Inclusion - Belonging illustrated with circles made up of black and white progressing to colorful dots.

    Climate change's equity challenge

    The climate movement is increasingly diverse, but lags behind the general population in representation of people of color. Clara Fang presents her research on where it stands. 

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Leadership Story

A photo of Aaron smiling against a background of lush green plants.

Aaron Maruzzo is bringing the skills he learned during his MPH back to his community in Saipan to “reduce pollution and improve environmental and human health through community-based action.” We interviewed Aaron on the unique professional and personal challenges and opportunities of working to improve environmental and human health at the intersection of two little-recognized acronyms: PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and the CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands).

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Fellows in the News

Jul 27, 2022
Matt Orosz's organization, OnePower , was nominated as a finalist for the 2022 AFSIA Minigrid of the Year Award. Nominees for a suite of awards were selected by a jury of professionals from across...Read more >
Jul 27, 2022
A July 2022 article by the Atlantic, How to Successfully Smash Your Face Against a Tree , explores a recent study which refutes the widespread idea that woodpeckers have shock-absorbing heads...Read more >
Jul 27, 2022
On June 23, 2022, thirty-four members of the House of Representatives and 74 organizations submitted a letter to the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency requesting the agency to establish...Read more >
Jul 27, 2022
Sarah Myhre was interviewed in the Carbon Removal Newsroom Podcast with Nori on Carbon Accounting and Climate Justice in July 2022. Sarah, host Radhika and other guest Jane Zelikova discuss a recent...Read more >

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