• Earth Day in the Sierra Nevada

    Switzer Trustee Elizabeth "Izzy" Martin, CEO of The Sierra Fund, hosted the first in a new series of "lunch-n-learn" programs with a tribute to Earth Day on its 50th anniversary.

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  • Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    Trump undermines health protections

    The Trump administration is placing the nation at risk by systematically undermining the structures meant to minimize pandemics' risk and the experts associated with them, writes Fellow Laura Meyerson.

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  • What's in a seminar?

    Graduate students at the UMass Amherst redesigned their departmental seminar series to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. Other institutions could do the same, writes Fellow Nigel Golden.

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We will be announcing our 2020 Switzer Fellows soon!

Leadership Story

A century ago, we tried desperately to wipe out mountain lions in North America, and failed. Then American culture changed. In the mid-20th century, we offered mountain lions limited protection in the form of managed hunting. As a consequence, mountain lion populations rebounded far more successfully than anyone would have predicted, and probably more than many would have liked. Today, mountain lions are as abundant as they ever were in the West, and people are faced with a new reality. Can we peacefully coexist with such a successful predator?

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Apr 22, 2020
The Polaris Project tackles one of humanity’s greatest challenges – global climate change – in one of Earth’s most remote and vulnerable environments: the Arctic. Fellow Nigel Golden is a faculty...Read more >
Apr 21, 2020
Architecture and Town Planning Prof. Daniel Orenstein’s Socio-Ecological System’s Research group at Technion in Israel is not only studying the ways we can deal with the tremendous environmental...Read more >
Apr 21, 2020
When big convulsive economic events happen, the implications tend to take years to play out, and spiral in unpredictable directions. ... “I think companies are actively talking about resilience,”...Read more >
Mar 12, 2020
For more than three years, the Trump administration has prided itself on working with industry to unshackle companies from burdensome environmental regulations. But as the Environmental Protection...Read more >

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