• In a time of hurricanes, we must talk about environmental conservation
    Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    America needs a climate adaptation strategy...

    ... that prepares us for accelerating climate impacts, steers market and local responses, and promotes justice, write Linda Shi and Sierra Woodruff in The Hill.

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    Green Living seminar series

    Elena Traister organized a series of virtual lectures on the theme of “Individual Actions and Environmental Sustainability.” 

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  • Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    A Community of Practice for Equitable Electric Mobility

    Isa Gaillard is leading development of a community of practice for The Greenlining Institute.

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Leadership Story

Cell Mentor's Community of Scholars is a group of Persons Excluded because of their Ethnicity or Race (PEER) composed of postdoctoral fellows, early-stage investigators, instructors, and consultants with a common passion to advance scientific discovery while innovating diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. They recently released a list of 1,000 inspiring Black scientists in America on which two Switzer Fellows appear: Ayana Johnson and Regan Patterson.

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Fellows in the News

Jan 25, 2021
MCLA’s annual Green Living Seminar Series begins on Wednesday, Jan. 27 and continues through April, presenting a series of virtual lectures on the theme of “Individual Actions and Environmental...Read more >
Jan 18, 2021
Community science, the enlisting of volunteers to collect biodiversity data, is now common and widespread. In theory, the benefits of this model are complementary: community science programs produce useful datasets while engaging the public in conservation. However, in practice there may be tradeoffs regarding data quality, economic cost, and public engagement, which are rarely quantified. This paper adds to a growing body of literature that suggests community science can increase scientific literacy and efficiently produce data of similar quality to technicians, particularly for common species.Read more >
Jan 6, 2021
Kristin Dobbin and Meredith Niles contributed articles to a new special issue of Society & Natural Resources titled, "Sustainable Groundwater Management in California: A Grand Experiment in...Read more >
Jan 5, 2021
In November 2020 Maria Jesus discussed her research with Naomi Fraga for the California Botanic Garden. Maria is a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University (at California Botanic Garden)...Read more >

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