• A firefighter stands facing away from the camera, toward a structure burning with bright orange flames

    Chemical effects on female thyroid levels

    Jessica Trowbridge studies how common chemicals affect female thyroid levels, including firefighting chemicals on women firefighters. 

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  • Daisy Benitez, Erik Martinez, Kimberley Miner, Lisa Stoddard

    Meet the new Fellows Advisory Committee Members

    We’re excited to welcome four new members to the FAC: Daisy Benitez, Erik Martinez, Kimberley Miner, and Lisa Stoddard! 

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  • Community members working the land at El Huerto. (Image still from documentary by Luis Enrique González Lozano)

    Transforming abandoned land to build food sovereignty

    Luis Alexis Rodríguez Cruz reports: after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican activists turn abandoned land into a community garden.

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Leadership Story

This in-depth conversation with Dr. Brittani Orona (Hupa, Hoopa Valley Tribe) on the Cal Ag Roots WELL podcast digs into the concept and practice of the Landback movement in California, including the deep history of Native resistance in the state. It also explores Brittani’s background and new role at San Diego State University.

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Mar 21, 2023
“Like the high seas, Earth’s orbit is seen as a global commons, where exploitation of what may appear to be a free resource is growing and the true costs of potential environmental damage are obscured.”Read more >
Mar 21, 2023
Inspired by ‘P-22’, a mountain lion who was monitored for a decade in the Los Angeles area, Christine Wilkinson’s piece in Nature Ecology & Evolution discusses the broader conservation benefits...Read more >
Mar 21, 2023
Naomi Fraga was featured in the Guardian story: California town hopes to put tourists off the scent as another super bloom looms . Lake Elsinore was inundated with superbloom visitors in 2019, which...Read more >
Mar 21, 2023
Climate Policy Lab, directed by Kelly Gallagher, has released the Global Public Energy RD&D Expenditures Database , a comprehensive database covering public expenditures in energy research,...Read more >

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