• The tiny forest that saved the wilderness
    Leadership Story

    The tiny forest that saved the wilderness

    2013 Fellow Lily Lewis has helped uncover an exceptional array of little plants and lichens in a remote part of South America.

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  • Maximizing Impact in California Water Justice
    Grant Outcomes

    Maximizing Impact in California Water Justice

    Fellows Carolina Balazs and Mike Antos leveraged a Switzer Network Innovation Grant to help disadvantaged communities gain better access to clean water.

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  • Leadership Lessons from Environmental Education
    Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    Leadership Lessons from Environmental Education

    2000 Fellow Jen-Osha Buysse and her team launched the Mountain Stewardship and Outdoor Leadership School in Morgantown, West Virginia, last year.

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Leadership Story

Recovery from Ocean Warming Can Take Thousands of Years

Marine ecosystems can take thousands, rather than hundreds, of years to recover from climate-related upheavals. 2013 Fellow Sarah Moffitt examined fossilized fauna on the seafloor to chart the changes. "There’s not a recovery we have to look forward to in my lifetime or my grandchildren's lifetime. It’s a gritty reality we need to face as scientists and people who care about the natural world and who make decisions about the natural world," she says.

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Apr 16, 2015
From picturesque coastal estuaries of Cape Cod to the soaring White Mountains, much of New England's rich native flora is fighting for survival against increasing odds, according to what...Read more >
Apr 15, 2015
The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has been honored by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Center for Corporate Climate Leadership for its actions to reduce greenhouse...Read more >
Apr 15, 2015
Ryan Carle's Switzer-funded work in Chile with the Pink Footed Shearwater for Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge was recently featured in a Spanish-language publication in the region. Read more...Read more >
Apr 15, 2015
Scientists have observed an increase in carbon dioxide’s greenhouse effect at the Earth’s surface for the first time. The researchers, led by scientists from the US Department of Energy...Read more >

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