• Fall 2014 Fellow Retreats
    Network Events

    Fall 2014 Fellow Retreats

    The annual fall Fellows’ retreats in California and New England were full of new connections, inspiration and practice in sharing our stories and leadership experiences.

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  • Your Science is a Multi-tool
    On Communications

    Your Science is a Multi-tool

    How knowledge and understanding of ecosystem services is actually used in policymaking.

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  • Investing in Our Future
    On Leadership

    Investing in Our Future

    We have recently chosen to take an institutional leadership stance on the issue of climate. 

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Leadership Story

Public Ire and Impatience With Washington Climate Gridlock Underlie Massive Climate Demonstrations

What is the real meaning of the thousands of climate demonstrations around the world last month for President Obama and mainstream party politicians? Read Fellow John Berger's thoughts and an excerpt of his new book.

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Oct 21, 2014
Bret Callaway has joined the Willamette Partnership in Portland, Oregon, as their new ecosystem specialist. Read more about the Willamette PartnershipRead more >
Oct 20, 2014
Dr. Christina Hemphill Fuller, assistant professor of Environmental Health at the Georgia State University School of Public Health, has been named as a JPB Environmental Health Fellow by the Harvard...Read more >
Oct 15, 2014
Ever since the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) was first discovered in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the late 1990s, it has spread to more than 40 states and parts of Canada. It has...Read more >
Oct 6, 2014
Appalachian women have always been strong figures. These women bring that mountain spirit to everything from technology and manufacturing to activism and law, in every part of the state. West...Read more >