• What?! Fish Can’t Be Organic?
    Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    What?! Fish Can’t Be Organic?

    That’s right. Neither wild fish nor farmed fish can be certified organic because no organic standards exist in the U.S. to regulate them. But that may be about to change—for the worse. Why?

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  • Maximizing Moritz et al: On Publication & Promotion
    On Communications

    Maximizing Moritz et al: On Publication & Promotion

    If you want a paper to achieve broader visibility, you don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best!

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  • Foundation Support for EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan for Existing Power Plants
    On Leadership

    Support for EPA Proposed Plan

    The Switzer Foundation joined 66 other foundations supporting the principles behind the EPA proposed rule to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants.

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Fostering Community Strategies For Saving the World's Oceans

To conservationist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, getting coastal communities involved in plans to protect their waters is critical for protecting the planet's oceans. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, she talks about her work in one Caribbean island and how it shows how such a strategy can get results.

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