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Living in a Toxic Environment

Why is Isella Ramirez’s environmental justice work so personal? She grew up in Commerce and, while she expresses her love for her community, she also knows first-hand what it is like living in a toxic environment. Situated in the midst of a major transportation hub, Isella, her 6-year old niece Citlalih, and neighbors are surrounded by the busy l-710 freeway that accommodates up to 260,000 cars and over 40,000 diesel trucks on a daily basis, rail yards, and blocks and blocks of industries reliant on the freeways and rail yards.

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Aug 25, 2014
Kevin Kung is a 2014 IDEAS Global Challenge Winner for SafiCoils, a low-toxin and loc-cost mosquito coil from char. Read more The annual MIT IDEAS Global Challenge awards ceremony awarded $79,500 on...Read more >
Aug 25, 2014
Josh Donlan was featured on a RadioLab show on the Galapagos. From the show notes: Today, the strange story of a small group of islands that raise a big question: is it inevitable that even our most...Read more >
Aug 15, 2014
Dustin Mulvany recently provided analysis and testimony on behalf of the Sierra Club on Utah's net metering debate. "Our analysis found photovoltaic net metering customers save Rocky...Read more >
Aug 15, 2014
Josh Donlan of Advanced Conservation Strategies was recently featured on a Radiolab show about the Galapagos. From the show's website: "Today, the strange story of a small group of islands...Read more >