• Solar eclipse and grid preparation
    Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    Solar eclipse and grid preparations

    Fellow Laura Wisland hopes California can save as much energy as it loses to the eclipse.

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  • Online Message Box Workbook
    On Communications

    Online Message Box Workbook

    Detailed instructions and insights you can use anytime, anywhere from COMPASS

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  • Kimberley Rain Miner: Security matters
    Leadership Story

    Does runoff from glaciers pose a health risk?

    Fellow Kimberley Rain Miner says, “If there’s the slightest risk, it’s worth planning for."

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We have chosen our 2017 Switzer Fellows!

Leadership Story

Photo: Stephen Nowland - Emory Photo/Video

Among her many accomplishments bridging her love of science and public service, Fellow Karen Levy's most recent is her selection as a fellow of the AAAS Leshner Leadership Institute (LLI) for Public Engagement with Science. “The best way to maintain public support for science is for people to understand it,” Levy says, “to understand the underlying scientific process, to learn about exciting discoveries, and to understand how it affects their own lives.”

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Aug 17, 2017
“There will be more butts on bikes — and that’s a good thing.” That’s probably the most memorable line from the speaker’s podium during last week’s Ford GoBike launch in downtown Oakland, marking the...Read more >
Aug 17, 2017
Global warming is going to steal away some of those postcard-perfect weather days in the future, according to a first-of-its-kind projection of nice weather. On average, Earth will have 10 fewer days...Read more >
Aug 17, 2017
The Organic Center was part of a group of agricultural experts, researchers and academics that participated in the United Nation’s Forum on Sustainable Agriculture Development. Jessica Shade,...Read more >
Aug 17, 2017
For decades, California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia has been trying to clean up the air in polluted neighborhoods — first as an activist, then as a legislator. Recently, she celebrated her most...Read more >

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