Brown University


David Herrera

2022 Fellow
David is researching how the community organizing strategies of two environmental justice organizations in Oakland and San Diego get air pollution issues onto their local government’s policy agendas. He is an environmental justice advocate and mentor for students of color.

Sarah Hsu

2021 Fellow
Sarah Hsu is a primary care resident at the UCSF Internal Medicine Residency based at Zuckerberg San Francisco General. Prior to residency, she was a medical student at Brown University and a Master's student in Primary Care-Population...

David Ciplet

2012 Fellow
David Ciplet is a sociologist focused on issues of globalization, environmental inequality, and climate justice. From the negotiating halls of the United Nations to community center meeting rooms, his research uses participatory qualitative...

Sara Mersha

2010 Fellow
Sara Mersha has been Director of Grantmaking and Advocacy at Grassroots International since 2010. She works to build and maintain long-term relationships with partner organizations and social movements led by peasants, indigenous peoples...

Joanne Michaud

1993 Fellow
For her graduate work at the University of Rhode Island, Joanne studied the effects of habitat size and isolation of southern Rhode Island peatlands on occupancy by the bog copper butterfly (Lycaena epixanthe). Her work with the Rhode...

Will Yandik

2007 Fellow
Will is interested in translating and applying environmental research both as a writer and in local government. With a professional background in field ecology (Brown) and journalism (Princeton), Will is particularly interested in how the...

Evan Goldsmith

2000 Fellow
Evan Goldsmith is currently the Head of Business Development at IndiVillage, an impact sourcing social enterprise that delivers expert data annotation, natural language processing, and content optimization solutions that drive machine...

Caitlin Crain

2005 Fellow
Caitlin Crain is a coastal ecologist, studying the dynamics of coastal ecosystems to better protect and restore resilient, functioning systems that benefit nature and people. She specializes in coastal wetlands and the multiple stressors impacting their health and function including sea-level rise and climate change. She works at landscape scales and with the diverse human communities that are impacted by coastal climate change.

Daniel Orenstein

2004 Fellow
Daniel Orenstein is associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and research scientist in socio-ecology with the European Long-Term Ecological Research (eLTER)...

Liz Hoover

2008 Fellow