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    Environmental Security Risks in South America

    Fellow Kimberley Rain Miner published an article on the Wilson Center's website.

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    I do not drive in the South…And here’s why.

    Fellow Frances Roberts-Gregory is preparing for climate change in an unconventional way.

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    Outdoor school uses nature to teach students to thrive

    “My favorite thing to say is that you can't protect anything until you love it,” says school co-founder Fellow Jen-Osha Buysse.

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Leadership Story

Photo: Kaitlin Kolarik/for WABE

Plenty of Atlantans spend time on highways, speeding or inching or swerving along. But many people spend a lot of time near the highways, too: at their homes, schools or workplaces. And that’s not great for their health. So Fellow Christina Fuller, a Georgia State University public health professor, is studying how effectively trees can help filter out some of that pollution.

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Nov 14, 2019
Fellow Beckie Menten has joined East Bay Community Energy as a Program Manager in Building Electrification and Energy Efficiency. Visit her LinkedIn profileRead more >
Nov 14, 2019
Mayor-Elect Justin Elicker Friday tapped a diverse crew of grassroots activists — including a working families legislative leader, an immigrant rights champion, and a school parents organizer — to...Read more >
Nov 8, 2019
Across the world, researchers are collecting loads of observational data about marine life, from population estimates to the expanse of marine habitats, but they are doing so largely independently from each other, using their own methods and institutional protocols, and relying solely on their own data. Fellow Erin Satterthwaite is part of a team working to connect the data and the people who are tracking marine life by building a worldwide network.Read more >
Oct 29, 2019
Hundreds of journalists from across the country took part in day-long tours Thursday, Oct. 10, as part of the 29th annual conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists hosted by Colorado...Read more >

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