• An energy plant full of machinery and smokestacks, with a blue sky in the background during a toxic tour of Wilmington, CA, a predominantly Latinx neighborhood surrounded by industry and oil.

    Historic redlining increases exposure to oil and gas wells

    Rachel Morello-Frosch finds structural racism in federal policy is linked to higher exposures to oil and gas wells in marginalized neighborhoods.

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  • Headshots of three smiling men: Ekow Edzie, Roger Perez, Michael Billingsley

    Get to know our new trustees

    We’re excited to welcome three new members to the Board of Trustees: Ekow Edzie, Roger Perez and Michael Billingsley. Learn more about them and their inspiration to join.

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  • A progression from Exclusion - Segregation - Integration - Inclusion - Belonging illustrated with circles made up of black and white progressing to colorful dots.

    Climate change's equity challenge

    The climate movement is increasingly diverse, but lags behind the general population in representation of people of color. Clara Fang presents her research on where it stands. 

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Leadership Story

Many people in sitting at tables in a park eating, talking and writing. Jose leans over the table in the foreground pointing to the paper a man is writing on.

As a child José regularly visited family in Mexico, where they had abundant natural space to explore, but he was disappointed in the lack of safe parks to play in when he would return to Los Angeles. As a community organizer, he saw the value of quality greenspace to working class communities. These experiences ultimately led him to pursue a career as a landscape architect working to advance park equity.

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Sep 28, 2022
“In the face of global climate and biodiversity crises, CNPS’s mission to save California’s native plants and habitats has never been more relevant,” Jun said. “I’m thrilled to be joining an amazing team of people working to power the native plant movement through both head and heart.”Read more >
Sep 28, 2022
This new model represents an evaluation capacity building process to fully develop educators’ evaluation literacy, acknowledging the cyclical nature of learning, applying, and refining ones’ understanding and skills. The model serves as a tool for facilitators of ECB to apply in informal science contexts.Read more >
Sep 28, 2022
Perrault writes in Science: "assuming that protecting big banks will protect other, smaller financial entities and the financial system more broadly obscures the financial crisis that is already underway and inadequately responds to scientific evidence on distinctive features of climate risk and impacts."Read more >
Sep 28, 2022
The study found 132 wind-related incidents from 2000-2021 that resulted in at least 479 injuries and 28 deaths, many occurring at wind speeds not considered hazardous.Read more >

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