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    Foundation's new Executive Director starts

    Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sarah Reed to her new role as our Executive Director.

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    Bradman and Klein author pesticide study

    Pesticide levels in four families dropped up to 95% within one week on an organic diet.

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Leadership Story

By providing a feminist history of the National School Lunch Program, Jennifer Gaddis recasts the humble school lunch as an important and often overlooked form of public care. Through vivid narration and moral heft, her new book, The Labor of Lunch, offers a stirring call to action and a blueprint for school lunch reforms capable of delivering a healthier, more equitable, caring, and sustainable future.

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Jul 8, 2019
The National Audubon Society is getting involved in a lawsuit over the future of a national monument in the ocean off New England because of the area's importance to seabirds, especially colorfully...Read more >
Jul 8, 2019
Wood frogs lie frozen in suspended animation. Salamanders wait below the frost line for the signal to return where they were born. A trifecta of thawing ground, favorable temperature and rain cues...Read more >
Jul 8, 2019
Fellow Kristen Pratt Kalaman has joined the team at Resource Innovations. As their new Program Manager she will be focused on income-qualified energy efficiency programs in northern Illinois in...Read more >
Jul 8, 2019
Fellow Candice Kim was honored by East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice in their 6th Annual Fighting For Life Celebration, which recognizes the work of social justice fighters that have...Read more >

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