About Selena's Work

Selena Rowan is a master's student in Energy Technology and Policy at Cal Poly Humboldt, focusing on rural climate resilience and holistic land management. She combines data modeling and policy analysis with a commitment to community health, ecological restoration, and environmental stewardship to develop innovative solutions for healthy forests in California.

At the Schatz Energy Research Center, Selena contributes to the California Biopower Resource Evaluation and Characterization (C-BREC) model, which quantifies the carbon and air quality impacts of forest biomass utilization, influencing state policy to meet climate and wildfire management goals.

As the Grants Coordinator for Sun+Earth Certified, she promotes environmental stewardship on small medicinal plant farms, supporting their regenerative agricultural practices through strategic planning, fundraising, and development of wildlife habitat enhancement projects.

In her role as a community herbalist, Selena has taught native plant identification, traditional herbal medicine, and peer support for mental health recovery, encouraging students to foster a stewardship ethic and reciprocity with nature. She aspires to work on projects that elevate indigenous sovereignty, especially in land management and beneficial fire practices.