About the Network

The Switzer Network is an engaged and supportive community of Switzer Fellowship alumni. As lifelong members of the network, Switzer Fellows can connect with each other and continue their professional and leadership development in order to increase their impact as environmental leaders throughout their careers.

The Switzer Network is made up of more than 700 Switzer Fellows working to solve today‚Äôs environmental challenges in diverse fields such as science, policy, justice, health, environmental education, advocacy, planning, business, law, and more. Switzer Fellows span the nonprofit, academic, philanthropic, government, and private sectors, across the United States and around the world. 

The goal of the Switzer Network is to create an engaged and supportive community where fellows:

  • Feel welcomed, supported, and inspired by their peers
  • Increase their environmental impact through leadership development and collaboration, 
  • Celebrate the multidisciplinary and multicultural nature of the network, and 
  • Contribute to the direction and leadership of the Switzer Foundation

Switzer Network programming includes regular virtual networking and professional development events, annual retreats for current Switzer Fellows, and regional and conference networking gatherings. Switzer Fellows stay connected via an active email listserv, Twitter list, LinkedIn Group, monthly newsletter, and a Fellows Directory. Fellows guide the leadership of the foundation by serving on the Fellows Advisory Committee, Board of Trustees, ad-hoc committees, and as reviewers and interviewers during the fellowship selection process

The Switzer Foundation Code of Conduct establishes norms and expectations for participation in virtual and in-person communication, meetings, and events sponsored by the foundation.

An infographic describing the geography, sectors, and fields of Switzer Fellows, with a word cloud describing the community.
A group photo of Switzer Fellows standing in a brick courtyard.

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