About Dylan's Work

Dylan M. Harris is an Assistant Professor of Geography & Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). His work is on the stories we tell (and don't tell) about climate change, focusing specifically on intersections of climate justice, energy, and ideologies of empire. More specifically, he has done extensive work in communities in Appalachia and Alaska, listening to and telling stories to communities often at the front lines of climate change where it is sometimes difficult to talk about it. His work is community-driven, and he looks forward to engaging with communities in the American Southwest. His new research focuses on finding ways to study climate change in folk archives - foodways, material cultures, music and art, etc. - as a means of understanding how something like 'climate consciousness' already exists and can be fostered to encourage meaningful action on climate change. More broadly, he is interested in ongoing struggles for climate justice, as evidenced by his teaching and activism, and in the roles that education, art, and research play in both understanding and ensuring the 'just' (e.g., justice) part of a "Just Transition" to a more equitable future.