About Erik's Work

Prior to joining the EPA, Erik Martinez was a Coastal Development Planner with the California Coastal Commission in San Francisco, CA where he focused on reviewing development projects along the coast to ensure the protection of sensitive coastal resources and public access for all. In his role as a planner, Erik also worked with the Environmental Justice Unit to help diversify not only the agency's internal processes but also make its public meetings more accessible and inclusive. In addition, Erik also helped start the Commission's Spanish Language Program where he and his colleagues work to provide information in Spanish so that non-English speakers can also participate in the public process. Erik's interests center on finding efficient and responsible methods for managing natural resources to avoid overuse and degradation while ensuring that these resources can be enjoyed by all.

Erik previously worked for the Santa Ynez Chumash Environmental Office for Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians. His projects involved working on pollution prevention initiatives for tribal facilities and education outreach programs for the community. Erik has also worked for the Forest Service at the Region 5 Regional Office and at the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center, where he worked on sustainable operations and climate change literature reviews.

In his spare time, Erik volunteers as a sea kayaking and whitewater rafting guide with the Environmental Traveling Companions in order to help diversify the outdoors by helping it be more accessible for people of color and people from lower income communities.