Creating Connections For Communicating Science

Location: Virtual

Creating Connections is a live, online, two-hour program to introduce scientists to the principles of responsive listening and empathic communication. This interactive session allows participants to experiment with techniques that build trust and engage others in science. Facilitated by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, this event is open to Switzer Fellows only.

An introduction to the importance and key skills of science communication and a will help you to:

  • Identify strategies to make messages memorable
  • Recognize jargon and understand when to use it
  • Use a 3-step process to develop a message
  • Project an engaging presence 

Creating Connections will help you cultivate meaningful human connection through effective communication. You will begin to understand how to inspire wonder and facilitate engaged decision-making when you share your science. 

Your work matters. Empower yourself to share it!

***To get the most out of this program, please be prepared to engage on camera via a laptop or desktop computer.*** 

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