FieldFutures Training: Preventing Sexual Harassment and Assault in Fieldwork

Location: Online
Fellow(s): Melissa Cronin

Fieldwork is an important and often necessary component of many scientific disciplines, yet it can also be a high-risk setting for incidents of sexual harassment and assault. The FieldFutures Training teaches participants to prevent, intervene in, and effectively report incidents of sexual harassment and assault in field settings. Together we can build safer, more equitable, and more welcoming field settings. 

Through a series of practical intervention scenarios led by a skilled facilitator, participants will learn and practice tangible prevention skills via positive organizational climate-setting. This is a 90-minute interactive training, so please come prepared to engage with the content and your fellow participants.

Grounded in the latest evidence-based research on harassment prevention and organizational psychology, the session is designed to help participants build knowledge, competency, and self-efficacy so they can set and enforce positive norms in fieldwork settings. Originally developed in 2018 with support from the Thoreau Foundation and CAMINO at UC Santa Cruz, the FieldFutures workshop draws from the founders’ (Switzer Fellows Erika Zavaleta and Melissa Cronin) decades of expertise in scientific fieldwork and equity programming. Learn more at www.fieldfutures.org.

This training is open to all Switzer Fellows. It will be of particular interest to fellows who work or manage others in field settings.

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