Fellow Story

Building green is good business

Susan Lund led the publication of a recent report by the International Finance Corporation, Building Green: Sustainable Construction in Emerging Markets

The report finds that “switching to greener technologies in construction and operation of buildings and materials, combined with more climate-friendly capital markets, could reduce the construction value chain’s carbon footprint 23 percent by 2035, while creating investment opportunities in emerging markets.” 

Susan wrote an op-ed in EFE Verde detailing the opportunities that green building technologies offer to “cut costs, increase profits, and curb greenhouse gas emissions” globally.  

The report outlines approaches at a variety of scales “from the way we produce cement and steel to quick wins like using reflective paint and window coatings”, highlights examples from around the world, and recommends ways for governments to facilitate implementation, such as taxonomies, standards, policies, and financing. 

“Global climate goals will not be met without significant reductions in emissions related to the construction and operation of buildings,” Susan writes. “Together, development finance institutions, governments and the private sector can bring to light a new way of building housing and infrastructure following a more sustainable, climate-friendly path than in the past.” 

Read the full op-ed (available in English and Spanish), and the full publication (available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish) to learn more.