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Bustos interviewed on finding your “voice” to create positive change

Fellow(s): Camila Bustos

Camila Bustos joined the Reimagine Law podcast for an episode on “Environmental Law: finding your “voice” to create positive change”. The episode summary describes: 

Camila speaks about what led her to be one of the co-founders at Yale Law School of the LSCA initiative, now active across the whole US. The disconnect between the rhetoric of law firms and their actions is  explored, including how the group has put together an annual “Scorecard” to measure the performance of different law firms on climate-related issues – and also invites students, law firms and their clients to make a pledge on how they are contributing positively on climate-related issues. Camila discusses the purpose of publishing this information, including the goal of empowering students to consider for which organisations they may like to work, and encourages students to remember what brought them to law in the first place as a field of study – remembering to keep their “Why?” and purpose front of mind as they build their careers.

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