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Hall contributes to "20 Ways to Fix Los Angeles"

Fellow(s): Jessica Hall

Here are 20 ideas that could fix L.A.


12. Exhume our creeks.

Little-known fact: Los Angeles has dozens of creeks. Many are buried underground, often encased inside pipes that carry stormwater out to the ocean, where it's lost forever. If you were looking to add a bit of nature to L.A. but didn't have $850 million lying around, you could do a lot worse than to start "daylighting" these creeks — getting them back above ground, where they belong, where they create habitat and cool the atmosphere.

Best of all, creeks replenish our aquifers, helping to make L.A. less dependent on outside sources of water.

"You would be bringing back habitat, you'd see an increase in birds and frogs," says Jessica Hall, a landscape architect. The unearthed creeks "would become a place for people to find peace of mind and recreation. And they would provide some cooling to the environment."

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