Fellow Story

Illustrated results of Diezmartínez’s study on justice in cities' climate plans

Claudia Diezmartínez studied whether and how cities have integrated justice into climate mitigation planning in a 2022 study. Boston University’s Visualizing Energy summarized the results in a series of engaging visualizations this August. 

According to Visualizing Energythe study examined “58 large U.S. cities with a climate action plan as of June 2021. They found a range of engagement with justice in urban climate action plans. Forty cities (69%) are attentive to justice in their plans, either by aspiring for justice (20 cities, 34.5%) or by explicitly planning for justice (20 cities, 34.5%). Eighteen cities (31%) do not articulate justice as a core feature of climate action.”

Check out the graphics that tell the story of the data and learn more in the Visualizing Energy story and open-access paper