Fellow Story

Luers starts as Microsoft's Global Lead for Sustainability Science

Amy Luers has joined Microsoft as the company's Global Lead, Sustainability Science. She posted on LinkedIn what excites her about the role:

(1) Corporate sustainability led by science. Microsoft has committed to operating carbon negative, zero waste,& water positive by 2030. To ensure that corporate strategy continues to be guided by the best science, Lucas Joppa recognized the need for a global #sustainability #science team, which we are building now!

(2) Sustainability science at scale. Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, water, health,justice & equity are interconnected and must be understood within a planetary perspective. Our team will work w/science, bussines & policy communities to build knowledge & tools to help tackle these challenges at scale.

(3) Shaping global environmental governance. The digital age is transforming how we monitor & manage the natural world, and is opening opportunities for transforming how we govern for global sustainability. We get to work w/ amazing engineers who are building a “Planetary Computer,” to help operationalize science in support of policy & action.