Fellow Story

Melinda Adams inspires youth as ‘SuperScientist’ Ember

Fellow(s): Melinda Adams

Melinda Adams has become the ‘SuperScientist’ Ember, part of an international effort “to inspire young people and help them see themselves in the faces and life stories of scientists working today.”

Ember’s powers as a SuperScientist include studying how ‘good fire’ - small-scale fires used by Indigenous people for millennia to improve the land - affects the ecosystem and reduces damaging wildfires. 

Her Heroes: “Past and future Indigenous scientists. Our elders and my ancestors have been practicing what I research for thousands of years. Young people also inspire me to pass these lessons forward.”

Her Top Tip: “Surround yourself with people who both inspire and challenge you to be the best that you can be.”

See her SuperScientist comic profile to learn more about her research and ‘scientific spark’.