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Miner proposes changes to decadal survey to observe a rapidly warming world

Topic(s): Climate Change

Since 2007, the National Academy for Sciences Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) has recommended Earth Science research and investment priorities every 10 years. The Decadal Survey balances the continuation of essential climate variable time series against unmet measurement needs and new Earth Observations made possible by technological breakthroughs. The next survey (2027ā€“2028, DS28) will be framed by a rapidly changing world, and it will be critical to anticipate the observational needs of the 2030sā€“2040s, a world increasingly dominated by climate extremes and a rapidly changing Earth system. Kimberley Miner is lead author of this AGU Advances paper highlighting some of the changes that factor into the framework for the DS28. 

Citation: Miner, K. R., Braghiere, R. K., Miller, C. E., Schlegel, N., & Schimel, D. (2024). A decadal survey without analogs: Earth observation needs for a warming world. AGU Advances, 5, e2023AV001148. https://doi.org/10.1029/2023AV001148