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Podcast: Coyotes with Dr. Robert Long

Fellow(s): Robert Long

Robert Long talks all things coyote with The B.I.STANDER Podcast, a conversational podcast unique to Bainbridge Island and Seattle Washington covering Society & Human Interest stories, music and arts.

Long's colleague and wife Paula Mackay writes about the episode in her blog, Wild Prose

"Over the past century, coyotes have successfully filled the ecological vacuum created by the widespread eradication of wolves—their brawnier cousins—and they now reside in every U.S. state other than Hawaii. Coyotes walk the tree-lined streets of Greater Boston, the rugged trails of the North Cascades, and myriad habitats in between. Millions of Americans, including myself, encounter coyotes on a regular basis, yet these highly adaptable canids remain remarkably misunderstood. And as is so often the case, what we don’t know tends to be usurped by misinformation.

A Bainbridge Island podcast, B.I.Stander, recently invited my colleague and husband, Robert Long, to engage in a free-flowing conversation about all things coyote (and then some). The resulting episode runs just over an hour, and makes the perfect companion for cooking dinner or sipping tea while you’re staring out the window. By the end of it, you’ll know one of your neighbors just a little bit better, and maybe you’ll be inspired to share what you know." 

Read more and find the podcast episode here