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‘Queer is Natural’ celebrates pride in the animal world

“There are estimated to be over 1,000 species that engage in same-sex coupling or whose sex roles aren’t exactly what you learned about in basic biology,” Christine Wilkinson says in her Queer is Natural video series. “For Pride Month, let’s highlight these queer animals, and talk about how being queer is actually natural.” 

Watch the series on Christine’s TikTok to learn about species ranging from penguins to banana slugs, flour beetles to Japanese macaques, and more! 

Christine also appeared in the June 2023 RadioLab episode The Seagulls, exploring the 1970’s study on lesbian seagulls that began to broaden our understanding of the natural world to include queer animals. In the episode, she shares examples including the pink Amazon river dolphins, who “love cuddling”, and the New Mexico whiptail lizard, whose entire species is female. 

Listen to the podcast and explore Christine’s Queer is Natural series to learn more.