Fellow Story

Rodríguez Cruz receives Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis Fellowship

Luis Alexis Rodríguez Cruz, a scientist, writer, consultant and Switzer Fellow, received the 2023 Public Voices on the Climate Crisis Fellowship. The fellowship is an initiative of the OpEd Project to change who writes history and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication to diversify and amplify the voices behind climate change action. 

“[Fellows]  were chosen from a large and competitive field. The 20 fellows demonstrate high-powered thought leadership in a variety of ways, including education, community organizing, public writing, and advocacy. Some speak for a younger generation, others bring the wisdom of decades of experience. Some engage faith communities, and others advocate for vulnerable, or historically underrepresented, communities. Some are innovating new ways to justly mitigate climate change, others are giving voice to the histories and stories of the climate movement. They all seek solutions.” 

“Luis Alexis Rodríguez Cruz brings visibility and understanding to food systems issues in Puerto Rico and beyond through science and storytelling. His works have taken him from labs to classrooms, and from fisheries to farms and forests. Luis draws from his multifaceted background and cultural identity to inform his approaches as an applied scientist and writer. His work explores social-ecological interactions in relation to agricultural sustainability, vulnerability to natural hazards, and public health outcomes, in the context of the climate crisis. Luis has over 6 years of experience leading and designing interdisciplinary research projects, and has worked in the academic, governmental, and non-governmental sectors. His research has been published in open-access journals, and his writing has appeared in El Nuevo Día, NextCity, Ochenta grados, Science, among others. Luis holds a PhD in food systems from the University of Vermont, and a MS in food science and technology and a BS in biology from the Mayaguez and Ponce campuses of the University of Puerto Rico, respectively. “Al otro lado”, his new collection of short stories, will be published in Spring 2023.”

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