Fellow Story

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Releases its First Annual Solar Scorecard 2010

Fellow(s): Dustin Mulvaney

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC), working with 2004 Switzer Fellow Dustin Mulvaney under a 2009 Leadership Grant, has produced its first annual Solar Scorecard 2010.  The Scorecard sheds light on solar industry practices, documenting the state of environmental health and safety practices in the industry.  Solar industry representatives were surveyed on questions of takeback and recycling policies, green jobs, and reduction and eventual elimination of toxic materials use. 

Dustin Mulvaney's role was in researching the occupational and end-of-life hazards from production and disposal of solar photovoltaic (solar pv) cells, with the goal of shaping public policy on the manufacture and disposal of solar panels.  SVTC has made a commitment to getting involved with the growing clean tech industry of which solar pv is a part because the industry is growing incredibly fast (62% growth in 2007 alone).  While the benefits of solar pv are well documented, not much was previously known about its production or end of life impacts.  Through this collaboration with Dustin, SVTC is evaluating the occupational and environmental risks from solar pv manufacturing and recommending ways to ensure a sustainable and socially just plan for the solar industry.

The Scorecard has received a wide range of media attention, including Mother Jones, Green Tech Media, LA Times, Business Wire, Fast Company and SolarIndustryMag.com.