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Silverman quoted on planning commission vote to approve Squaw Valley development

Following a 10-hour hearing Thursday at the North Tahoe Event Center, the Placer County Planning Commission voted 4-2 to recommend the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan for approval, to move ahead with the 94-acre proposed redevelopment project for the resort and to certify the plan’s final environmental impact report.


Sierra Watch Attorney Isaac Silverman, who was in attendance for the meeting’s duration, said he was surprised by the outcome because he’d met with Roccucci and Johnson prior to the meeting.

“Based on my conversations with them, I thought we had a shared understanding of elements of this plan that were inappropriate,” he said after Thursday night’s vote.

Silverman said he thinks the board made a mistake in approving the recommendation, and that he hopes the board of supervisors will vote differently.

“We fully plan on moving forward, just how we have, and when it comes before the board of supervisors, there’s going to be another room full of very impassioned, passionate community members letting them know how they feel about this,” said Silverman.

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