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The Switzer Fellowship Network includes over 650 Switzer Fellows selected for their environmental leadership, scientific and policy skills and collaborative problem-solving approaches. Policy makers, environmental organizations, government agencies and academic centers can access Switzer Fellows as experts in their respective fields. Many have proven policy, media and senior leadership experience and are available for interviews, presentations and as an expert resource. We invite you to search the directory to learn more about fellows and their work and how they are making news and positive effect on climate change, environmental health, endangered species and more.

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1991 Fellow
Chief Scientist
1991 Fellow
Co-Director, Co-Director, Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise
Harvard School of Public Health
1991 Fellow
College of the Atlantic
1991 Fellow
Harvard Forest, Harvard University
1991 Fellow
Raab Associates, Ltd.
1990 Fellow
Director of Conservation, Colorado River Program
The Nature Conservancy
1990 Fellow
Numerical Modeller
Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence
1990 Fellow
Program Head of Climate and Carbon Sciences
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
1990 Fellow
Chief Technology Officer
Oswald Green, LLC
1990 Fellow
Bracewell & Guiliani, LLP


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