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The Switzer Fellowship Network includes almost 700 Switzer Fellows selected for their environmental leadership, scientific and policy skills and collaborative problem-solving approaches. Policy makers, environmental organizations, government agencies and academic centers can access Switzer Fellows as experts in their respective fields. Many have proven policy, media and senior leadership experience and are available for interviews, presentations and as an expert resource. We invite you to search the directory to learn more about fellows and their work and how they are making news and positive effect on climate change, environmental health, endangered species and more.

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2001 Fellow
Director, Climate Science Alliance & CAICE-UPP Program Coordinator
NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment at Scripps Institution of Oceanography-UC San Diego
2001 Fellow
Freelance Writer
2000 Fellow
Stewardship Manager
Five Valleys Land Trust
2000 Fellow
Aurora Lights
1999 Fellow
Director, Natural Start Alliance
North American Association for Environmental Education
1999 Fellow
River Science Consultant
1996 Fellow
The Cultural Conservancy
1995 Fellow
Assistant Professor
University of Arizona
1995 Fellow
Biology Faculty
Evergreen Valley College


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