Headlands Institute, Sustainable Campus Project, Year 3


Grant Type: 

  • Leadership Program


Award Date: 

May 2007




Sausalito, CA

This grant provides a third and final year of support for Steve Rasmussen Cancian’s role in the Yosemite National Institutes/Headlands Institute Sustainable Campus Project as landscape designer and to serve as Coordinator of the Environmental Assessment phase of the project.  During the first two years of this project, Steve developed a participatory planning process that engaged Headlands Institute staff, board and stakeholders in developing a vision for the campus that would serve growing program needs for the nearby San Francisco urban communities that use the facility and create a sustainable landscape design for the campus that models sustainable living. This year, Steve will (in addition to continuing as landscape designer for the campus project) serve as Coordinator for the Environmental Assessment process on behalf of the Headlands. Developing this Assessment is the next phase of the National Park Service approval process for the redesign contemplated for the campus. Steve’s goal is to engage the NPS and appropriate staff as much and as early as possible to create a collaborative environment in which new and innovative ideas can be considered fully.

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