Leadership Grant

Rebuilding Environmental Education Programs on St. Croix

$40,000 awarded to St. Croix Environmental Association in
Fellow(s): Olivia Walton

Through the foundation of a strong and equitable environmental education program, St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA) will connect and build programs with local schools in a meaningful and sustainable way. Utilizing Switzer Fellow Olivia Walton's experience in designing and implementing environmental education programs, SEA will provide resources and interdisciplinary educational content to local teachers. This will be done by meeting with educators and assessing the needs of their classrooms and interests. Based on this initial assessment, Olivia Walton will lead the development and implementation of environmental education lessons within participating schools, and provide content to teachers. Underlying all of these goals is the commitment to ensure SEA invites and encourages participation by underserved communities on St. Croix that have long been left out of traditional environmental education programs.