Leadership Grant

Science Director for the Ashuelot Valley Environmental Observatory, Year 1

37,000 awarded to Ashuelot Valley Environmental Observatory in
Fellow(s): Brett Amy Thelen

To hire Brett Thelen as the organization’s first Science Director.  Ashuelot Valley Environmental Observatory (AVEO) links volunteers with scientists to gather ecological data aimed at improving conservation decision-making and planning in the Ashuelot valley of southwest New Hampshire. AVEO will provide much needed information to conservation organizations and state agencies through formation of a core group of citizens to gather the data. Ultimately, all of the data will be available on a website that will serve professional land conservationists and local residents alike. As Science Director, Brett will manage the scientific, educational, and communications initiatives of AVEO. With scientific oversight from Brett, the data collected by citizen monitors will be of sufficient caliber that it will be immediately usable by agencies and organizations.