Service Learning Coordinator for Green Empowerment, Year 1


Grant Type: 

  • Leadership Program


Award Date: 

May 2007




Portland, OR

Green Empowerment (GE) hired Jason Selwitz as their first Service Learning Coordinator to oversee projects and fundraising in the newly created Service Learning Department of the organization. GE has recently expanded its activities to include the Service Learning Department with the goal of becoming one of the top international experiential learning programs in the U.S. GE’s vision for the Service Learning Department is that it will serve as a conduit for engineering talent in the U.S. to plug into GE community-based renewable energy projects around the world. The mission of the Service Learning Department is to conduct outreach, education, and training in the United States to promote understanding of the global indivisibility of environmentalism, social justice, and sustainability. Jason will be involved with providing skills training in developing country renewable energy projects to university students and others, leading tours to GE sites to educate people about these projects, coordinating university partnerships where students at select universities take part in GE projects as part of their learning curriculum, and providing international technical trainings which bring together U.S. and international participants to be trained in renewable energy technology.

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