Tribal Initiative in Historical Ecology Program

Tribal Initiative

Grant Type: 

  • Leadership Program


Award Date: 

May 2012




Bay Area, California

This grant will fund Chuck Striplen's time as environmental scientist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) to create a new Tribal Initiative within the Historical Ecology Program of the organization.  The Initiative will integrate the historical, ecological and cultural knowledge of California's native tribes into conservation planning and management of non-reservation land and watershed resources.  This grant creates an opportunity for Chuck, as a tribal member, scientist and staff member at SFEI, to take on a leadership role in a unique new program that aims to better integrate landscape and cultural priorities on a watershed scale.  This year, Chuck will focus on establishing a steering committee comprised of tribal representatives, public agencies, other non-profit conservation groups, municipalities and others, and prepare for building the new program's capacity over the coming years.

Spotlight on Leadership

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