About Jade's Work

Jade Johnson describes herself as an environmental chemist, currently specializing in the detection and analysis of a broad range of trace organic contaminants detected in various environmental matrices using a comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry based non-targeted analytical approach. Given there are over 350,000 chemicals registered for commercial use globally and many of these are publicly unknown, this method is useful for identifying new or unexpected chemicals occurring in our environment. Her current projects range from evaluating trace organic chemical persistence and transformation in wastewater treatment systems, to better characterizing third hand smoke pollution in house dust. This work has implications for informing future environmental monitoring and toxicological studies.

Jade is most passionate about water justice related projects, which first developed during her time working on her B.S. in chemistry degree, after completing a National Science Foundation summer research experience at the University of Montana, where she assisted in the chemical analysis of water samples near abandoned uranium mines on Navajo Nation - where her family is from. Jade’s ultimate career aims are to structure her career around work that strengthens water quality monitoring tools and policies, improves access to water and sanitation for underserved communities, and encourages youth to pursue environmental health related careers.