About Jeremy's Work

Jeremy Poindexter is currently a Senior Battery Engineer at Sila Nanotechnologies, working on integrating silicon-based materials into lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles to enhance energy storage and increase vehicle range. He has experience with process development, manufacturing, and research & development in both the battery and solar industries. With a background in materials science and a keen interest in scaling up materials for renewable energy applications, his work has focused both on fundamental science (materials properties and characterization) as well as industrial-scale engineering. He has previously worked at Tesla, MiaSolé, and Caelux.

During his Switzer Fellowship in 2017, Jeremy's Ph.D. research focused on low-cost and scalable thin-film materials for solar photovoltaics. In addition to his research, he was involved in climate activism, serving as a core member of Fossil Free MIT through the group's fossil fuel divestment campaign and historic climate sit-in. In general, Jeremy advocates for equitable policies and technologies that can help mitigate climate change and promote sustainability, which are also critical to other societal issues like environmental justice, economic inequality, and affordable housing.