About Kenzo's Work

Kenzo is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at UC Berkeley. His dissertation research investigates the barriers that organic farmers face in adopting soil health practices in the Central Coast of California, and the resulting impact of different forms of farm management on soil biodiversity and soil-based ecosystem services. He is also interested in the possibilities for broader agroecological transition in the Central Coast region and beyond. In addition to his research work, Kenzo serves as a Policy Fellow with the California Food & Farming Network where he supports state-level policies that advance racial and environmental justice in California’s food system. He also served as a Head Steward of the University of California Graduate Workers’ Union, UAW 2865, and is deeply involved in labor and student organizing work to create a more just and inclusive university.

Prior to Berkeley, Kenzo received his BS in Geophysical and Environmental Science from the University of Chicago, and his MS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan.