About Maya's Work

Maya Higgins is the Program Manager for the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation. A human who is most inspired by the power of relationships and community in creating meaningful change, Maya’s greatest interest in this work is connecting and supporting Fellows. Maya is inspired by the work of adrienne maree brown, Prentis Hemphill, Priya Parker, and Alok Vaid-Menon. She has a particular interest in healing through somatics, strengthening our collective ability to invite nuance and care as we navigate hard things, and engaging in principled struggle for collective liberation.

Prior to joining the Switzer team, Maya has worked as a facilitator, organizational change consultant, environmental educator, mediator, and community organizer. Maya lives in her hometown on unceded Tiwa land outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her greatest joys include working as a co-founder of the Imaginal Cells Collective, getting her hands dirty in her backyard veggie and goat farm, sharing queer animal facts while hosting open mic nights with her partner, and pretending she is going to read the absurdly large number of books she checks out from the library each year.