About Natalia's Work

Natalia Pinzón Jiménez is a PhD Candidate in the Geography Graduate Group at the University of California at Davis. Natalia specializes in agroecology as a means to reduce on-farm and global climate risk. Her doctoral research focuses on how California farmers are preparing for, responding to and recovering from wildfires. Her action-research project involves the development of an hybrid (online and in-person) course “Farming through wildfire season”. This multi-sector collaboration includes a guidebook for farmers on how to evaluate agricultural risk to wildfires. She is currently developing a UC wide online course called “Climate Change and Agriculture” for undergraduates across different majors and campuses.

Natalia partners with community organizations across the state and the Americas who serve structurally disenfranchised farmers. This includes work to serve Latinx farmers and farmworkers in California; organic seed producers in the United States; urban BIPOC farmers; and agroecology more broadly throughout Latin America.  She is the co-founder of Farmer Campus, an online school for farmers. Leaning on seven years of experience, she is currently writing on effective pedagogies for virtual farmer education. 

Natalia is a Colombian immigrant and has a background in microbiology, cell biology, microscopy and science education. She has an A.S in Biology and Chemistry from Raritan Valley Community College and B.S in Conservation and Natural Resources from the University of California, Berkeley where she focused on microbiology, molecular cellular biology and science education. She has diverse field research experience in mycology, soil microbiology and diversified farming systems. She loves farming and spent three years working in vegetable production and five years running a small goat dairy. She hopes to start a homestead after she completes her degree and continue to serve farmers through action-research.