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Aug 20, 2013
Hello all: I just received an important notice from the Global Footprint Network (based in Geneva). Today, 20 August 2013, is “Earth Overshoot Day.” It’s the approximate date that humanity’s annual demand on nature exceeds what Earth can renew in a year. In just 7 months and...Read more >
Jul 24, 2013
This summer I had the opportunity to bring Immersion Camp to my “backyard,” the South Yuba River near Nevada City, CA. For eight years, my colleagues and I have taught underwater science camps that provide river education while snorkeling on the Smith River in northern California. These...Read more >
Jun 18, 2013
As Energy Solutions Coordinator, Dipti Vaghela will provide expertise on the potential for micro hydropower as an environmentally sound, climate-resilient alternative to large dam projects in rural communities around the world. Read more: Cumulative Impacts and Sustainable Solutions for Central...Read more >
Jun 17, 2013
We are seeking a Switzer Network Innovation grant to co-fund a two-part event for indigenous practitioners that we are organizing in October 2013 – the North American Community Environmental Leadership Exchange , or NACELE. Switzer fellows Susannah McCandless of Global Diversity Foundation ,...Read more >
May 27, 2013
When you stand up and speak out – to the media, or policymakers, or you write an opinion piece or blog post – it is like a drop of water hitting the surface. It sends out ripples with unexpected repercussions – often, good ones. Doors may swing open, new opportunities may arise. You will meet new people and make new connections. Yet there are also challenges.Read more >
May 16, 2013
Of interest to everyone, but especially to those who attended the West Coast spring retreat: FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A California agency on Thursday unanimously adopted a broad, long-range plan to manage the ailing Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. After several hours of public comments and...Read more >
Apr 29, 2013
For those of you adaptation fans out there who couldn’t make it to Denver the first week of April, you missed out on an event that is getting rave reviews.Read more >
Apr 17, 2013
The “Delta” covers 738,000 acres in a maze of islands, rivers and sloughs at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, and several tributaries. The 58 islands are framed by 1,000 miles of rivers and sloughs and the Delta receives its water from over 40% of the state...Read more >
Apr 17, 2013
1999 Switzer Fellow Erika Zavaleta strives to bridge ecological theory and research to sound conservation and management practice in her work and personal life. Between 2008 and 2010, she and husband Bernie Tershy worked with Anni Tilt of Berkeley-based Arkin Tilt Architects and Santa Cruz builder...Read more >
Apr 8, 2013
Competition for ocean resources continues to expand, with wind and tidal energy, aquaculture, fishing, recreational boating, utility construction, mining and conservation of ecosystem services the subject of increasing controversy in New England and nationally. While there is growing interest in...Read more >


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