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Jul 28, 2010
The Switzer Foundation has issued a press release announcing the 2010 Switzer Fellows, as well as recent Leadership Grants and Collaborative Initiatives Fund grants. Read moreRead more >
Jul 7, 2010
This year is the 25th anniversary of the Switzer Foundation and one of the great outcomes of this 25 year history is the Network of over 470 Fellows whose work supports a broad range of environmental issues in public and private sectors. One of the themes we aim to explore this year, is how to...Read more >
Jun 9, 2010
Six new Leadership Grants were awarded in May, covering invasive species, whale conservation, river restoration and floodplain management, green chemicals policy, energy efficiency, and land conservation and rural economic development. Stay tuned for grant summaries to be posted shortly!Read more >
May 13, 2010
If the questions surrounding the feasibility of utilizing stormwater runoff for groundwater recharge could be resolved, the result may be greater self-sufficiency for the Los Angeles Basin in terms of water supply reliability.Read more >
May 13, 2010
Innovations in technology have to date primarily been driven by consumer demand for smaller, lighter, and faster gadgets, especially those that are loaded with the latest features. As a society, we have benefited from technological advances that increase efficiency, add new communications capabilities, create life-saving devices, and more. However, there is a dark side to the electronics industry that remains hidden as we as consumers happily shop for our shiny new toys: waste.Read more >
May 5, 2010
See photos from our two-day policy training in D.C . , in conjunction with the Environmental Leadership Program.Read more >
Mar 23, 2010
Switzer Fellow Dr. Lara Hansen and her colleague, Dr. Jennifer Hoffman , both of EcoAdapt , presented their work on climate change adaptation and the challenges faced by practitioners and resource managers. Drs. Hansen and Hoffman also presented a new tool they are developing to help the adaptation...Read more >
Feb 16, 2010
The audio file and the powerpoint used in the February 16th webinar, Innovative Solutions to Climate Change: Green Jobs and Energy Efficienc y, led by 2001 Switzer Fellow Jeremy Hays are now available. Click on the link below for the powerpoint, and contact Erin for the audio file (file size...Read more >
Feb 8, 2010
Coined by C.K. Prahalad, “the bottom of the pyramid” refers to the untapped economic markets where the poor--the more than 4 billion people living on $2/day--become product consumers. Although Prahalad’s thesis promoted the poor as consumers and as entrepreneurs, the reality is...Read more >
Feb 8, 2010
Southern California is notorious for its chronically polluted water bodies, from the affluent areas of Malibu to the more industrial city of Long Beach. California Assembly Bill 411 requires that city and county health departments regularly monitor impaired water bodies for fecal indicator bacteria...Read more >


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