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Jun 28, 2012
When I first joined the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation , I was both inspired and slightly skeptical about its ambitious goals. The newly established Luskin Center sought to “create a new model of problem solving to permanently alter how scholarship impacts society.” Three years later...Read more >
Jun 27, 2012
Blogs and blogging can be a useful tool to spread the word about your science, activism, and more. In this webinar, a roundtable of Switzer Fellows discusses blogging platforms, how much of a time commitment blogging is, and ways to spread the word about your blog. Originally broadcast June 25,...Read more >
Jun 25, 2012
Three organizations were awarded Switzer funding this spring, creating a new position for a Fellow, facilitating the creation of a new program in an organization, and continuing a project started by a Fellow last year with Switzer funding. The Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, the San...Read more >
Jun 21, 2012
For better or worse, your profile picture is the first thing that anyone surfing the web will see, so it's important to put your best face forward. Here are some guidelines to help you choose a great profile photo for our website: Make sure you have a photo on your profile! People connect with...Read more >
Jun 21, 2012
Many of you are probably working in organizations without public relations departments or staff. Even for those of you lucky enough to have press offices helping get the word out about your work, they may not be targeting all of the best places or doing so in a way that will help your career. The...Read more >
Jun 21, 2012
In August 2011, federal marshals raided the Gibson Guitar Corporation in Tennessee, apparantly preparing to charge the famous builder of instruments with trafficking in illegally obtained wood. In the aftermath of the raid there was intense media attention on the company and its sourcing practices...Read more >
May 22, 2012
On May 21, 2012, we hosted a lively and informative panel of published Switzer authors. Below is a synopsis of their comments and advice for anyone considering writing his or her first book. Please use the links to access their full comments and advice. We're also including two video interviews...Read more >
May 18, 2012
We are pleased to let you know about a new report, Monitoring Climate Effects in Temperate Marine Ecosystems: A Test Case Using California’s MPAs , which outlines a new and innovative framework for measuring climate change effects and informing adaptive MPA management. The MPA Monitoring...Read more >
May 9, 2012
Google offers a dizzying array of free and low-cost tools to use in your organization. Cloud email, shared calendars and simple websites are just the beginning. This webinar looks at how you can shift your organization to cloud computing with Google, including tips on how to get buy-in at all...Read more >
May 9, 2012
Coral reefs are one of the most threatened ecosystems world wide. This project collects critical data for the Kenya Wildlife Service to promote effective coral reef conservation and management of marine protected areas.Read more >


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