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Jan 25, 2012
A Leadership Learning Agenda is a written outline of your future vision, with goals and strategies to achieve that vision. Preparing a written document is intended to spur self-reflection as you examine your personal and professional aspirations and how the Switzer Foundation might help you reach...Read more >
Jan 19, 2012
As Senior Energy Analyst for the Union of Concerned Scientists, Switzer Fellow Laura Wisland played an important role in the passage of California's Renewable Portfolio Standard. In this webinar, hear about her newest research into how California's utilities are faring under the new rules...Read more >
Jan 12, 2012
Walkable, transit-oriented communities are seen as an antidote to unfettered sprawl. But outdated city codes vastly overestimate how much people drive and require excessive parking in these transit areas, especially for low-income families and seniors. This leads to oversize parking lots, fewer and...Read more >
Jan 9, 2012
This image was captured in the Mendocino National Forest in Califoria as part of a study on black-tail deer survival. The study targets understanding how predation and habitat quality and spatial arrangement contribute to deer survival in order to manage mammal populations in a changing world...Read more >
Jan 1, 2012
Susan Ornelas stepped down as Mayor of Arcata, California, recently. Her husband, former mayor Bob Ornelas, was seriously injured in a cycling accident a month earlier (in November 2011), and the following email was in response to our best wishes for his speedy recovery. When we asked Susan's...Read more >
Jan 1, 2012
Although most Switzer Fellows don't consider themselves marketers, we are all responsible to some degree for getting the word out about what we do. The number one place to do that cheaply and quickly is on the web, but where should you start? One of my favorite resources is The Noob Guide to Online...Read more >
Dec 28, 2011
In late November, I had the great honor and privilege of representing the Switzer Foundation to share our work investing in leadership, networks and innovation with a group of French foundation representatives in Annecy, France. The conference was the annual workshop[ (L’Atelier) of the Centre...Read more >
Dec 28, 2011
I recently received the following question from a Fellow: In updating my profile, I was wondering if Lauren offers any advice to Fellows on how to present themselves and their work. I feel like my profile could use a bit more polish. I find it's most effective (and easiest) to write one online...Read more >
Dec 22, 2011
The relationship between flood risk and environmental justice has received increasing media and scholarly attention in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, drawing the nation’s attention to the potential for inequitable distribution of flood risk along lines of race, class, and other markers of...Read more >
Dec 21, 2011
One of the major issues being considered here at COP17 is adaptation.Read more >


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