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Dec 20, 2022
The Fellows Advisory Committee (FAC) uses their wisdom and experience as Switzer Fellows to advise the foundation to ensure our programs and efforts are relevant for the Switzer Network. We welcomed four new members to the committee this year: Daisy Benitez , Erik Martinez , Kimberley Miner , and...Read more >
Sep 27, 2022
The Switzer Foundation recently reviewed our employee policies and benefits to ensure they reflect our commitment to embed equity and justice in all our operations, and in order to help us recruit, support, and retain excellent staff. One resulting change was to create a sabbatical leave policy...Read more >
Aug 29, 2022
The Switzer Foundation has created a land acknowledgement, as well this post about its purpose and the process of crafting it during a time without physical gatherings. We welcome feedback from the network on the acknowledgement and hope to open discussion on this topic.Read more >
Jul 28, 2022
The Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation has created a Code of Conduct, which establishes norms and expectations for participation in virtual and in-person communication, meetings, and events sponsored by the foundation. We continue to welcome feedback and suggestions from the network at any time.Read more >
Jul 27, 2022
We’re excited to welcome three new members to the Switzer Foundation’s Board of Trustees this year: Michael Billingsley, Ekow Edzie and Roger Perez. We invite everyone to learn more about our new trustees and their inspiration as leaders within the Switzer Network in their responses to the...Read more >
Mar 2, 2022
With the transition to my leadership , the Board of Trustees recognized the need for a comprehensive review of the Switzer Foundation’s strategies, programs, and impacts. It has been nearly a decade since the foundation has engaged in strategic planning or program evaluation, and our network and...Read more >
Feb 14, 2022
Although an all-time high of $14 trillion in deposits is sitting in U.S. banks, estimates suggest that less than 1% of those funds are in socially impactful options . As part of our continued efforts to align all our practices with our values to improve environmental quality and advance social...Read more >
Jan 27, 2022
Last year, the foundation committed to transitioning our checking account and credit cards to a new bank as part of an ongoing effort to align all of our practices, from programmatic to administrative, with our values to improve environmental quality and advance social equity. We have now completed...Read more >
Jul 21, 2021
The Switzer Foundation updated our fellowship review process this past year. The goals were to bring a diversity of perspectives into the selection process, involve the Switzer Network in decision making, and provide alumni with a new opportunity to engage and give back to the foundation.Read more >
Apr 7, 2021
I am pleased to introduce Cora Preston as the new Network Manager for the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation. The Network Manager position is intended to cultivate Switzer Fellows’ engagement as participants, contributors, and leaders of the Switzer Network, by sustaining high-quality...Read more >


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