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Aug 12, 2014
Our communications training partner COMPASS offers their top ten practical resources, tools, tips and tricks to be an effective scientist communicator today.Read more >
Jul 28, 2014
Done well, self-promotion is acting in service of your ideas, not just clamoring for affirmation. Finding your voice, focusing on great content, and positioning it effectively can create positive spirals to benefit your work and your career. You have great ideas. Get over yourself, get out there, and help us discover them.Read more >
Apr 9, 2014
While not everyone may be interested in your science at first, many people are interested in scientists, as your work seems…mysterious. What do you actually do? Why are you so devoted to it? They want to know what makes you tick. Even if your research can seem obscure, they are often eager to discover a new perspective on the world through your eyes.Read more >
Apr 1, 2014
Why isn’t a data-driven approach to science communication our default?Read more >
Mar 23, 2014
You work hard every day on issues affecting the health of residents in your state. You release reports about the dangers of fracking and other critical environmental issues. You try to link economic development with natural resource stewardship. You tweet and blog and host webinars to get the...Read more >
Feb 12, 2014
You’ve just hung up the phone after a call with a Congressional staffer. After a wide-ranging conversation and some probing questions, the staffer invited you to be a witness at a Congressional hearing. You’ve even got the official letter signed by the Chair of the Committee. Now what?Read more >
Jan 6, 2014
Blogging can offer an opportunity to spread the word about your research more broadly.Read more >
Dec 10, 2013
By writing your thoughts into a blog post you improve your own understanding of your subject. Blogging is a form of active learning.Read more >
Dec 9, 2013
Reforming graduate education is grand challenge, but it’s a movement with serious momentum behind it. And improved communication skills is just one among many needs.Read more >
Nov 11, 2013
Being perceived as an advocate when you’re simply trying to provide information can undermine your effort. Being perceived as just sharing information when you’re trying to advocate a particular policy path would mean you’ve missed the mark.Read more >


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