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Mar 25, 2012
Dr. Jeff Dlott is the father of one of the students (Chloe Dlott) where I am teaching this year. We connected early in the year when he realized we are both Switzer Fellows and have been in communication. Jeff did his Ph.D. in entomology, but now runs a sustainable agriculture company. I asked Jeff...Read more >
Mar 25, 2012
Sad tales of our failures in society to be adaptable, remarkable stories of the intricate ways in which natural organisms have survived and thrived for billions of years on an unpredictable planet, and hopeful examples of how all sorts of people, organizations, corporations and bureaucracies have learned to be adaptable.Read more >
Feb 27, 2012
How can we set corporate sustainability goals - be they energy, greenhouse gas, waste, product sustainability or packaging? How do we ensure the goals are stretch goals? Who should set the goals? What time frame should the goals cover?Read more >
Feb 8, 2012
We are very excited to be working with a cohort of innovative developers that are breaking the mold and setting a new bar by providing transit passes and carshare memberships for 40 years!Read more >
Feb 7, 2012
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) released a report this week on the costs of California’s progress in generating more electricity from renewable power and there was good news. Prices of new contract bids submitted to utilities last year were about 30 percent lower than in...Read more >
Feb 1, 2012
A recent national survey by the Northeast Recycling Council, Inc. (NERC) of the states and District of Columbia found that banning materials, rather than requiring recycling, is the solid waste management strategy of choice for most states. Almost every state* has at least something banned from...Read more >
Jan 9, 2012
This image was captured in the Mendocino National Forest in Califoria as part of a study on black-tail deer survival. The study targets understanding how predation and habitat quality and spatial arrangement contribute to deer survival in order to manage mammal populations in a changing world...Read more >
Jan 1, 2012
Susan Ornelas stepped down as Mayor of Arcata, California, recently. Her husband, former mayor Bob Ornelas, was seriously injured in a cycling accident a month earlier (in November 2011), and the following email was in response to our best wishes for his speedy recovery. When we asked Susan's...Read more >
Dec 21, 2011
One of the major issues being considered here at COP17 is adaptation.Read more >
Jul 30, 2011
The polluted water that flows from taps in many small Central Valley communities captures a troubling irony of California water policy.Read more >


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