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May 16, 2023
The foundation’s recent strategic review prioritized the launch of a Fellowship Ambassador Program, piloted this year by a team of staff, FAC members and fellow volunteers at five target institutions.Read more >
Mar 20, 2023
How can we plan for urban climate adaptation in ways that improve sustainability and social justice? Switzer Fellow Linda Shi studies the land governance institutions that make cities and disadvantaged groups vulnerable to climate impacts, and seeks to identify alternative policies that can enable...Read more >
Feb 23, 2023
They aim to support and encourage land-use planners, decision makers and conservation scientists and practitioners to participate in local land-use policy with guidelines for translating scientific knowledge into planning and development contexts.Read more >
Feb 16, 2023
In this post, Erin reflects on her time away, and the rest of the staff shares what they learned from taking on new skills and responsibilities. The collaboration, adaptability and innovation it emphasized will strengthen the Switzer Network, build the staff’s capacity, and help us plan even better for future sabbaticals.Read more >
Feb 6, 2023
I have a clear memory of the first class that I took on climate change as a college freshman, where I excitedly learned about the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the annual Conference of the Parties (COP) at which nations gather to negotiate on furthering the aims of the Convention.Read more >
Dec 20, 2022
The Fellows Advisory Committee (FAC) uses their wisdom and experience as Switzer Fellows to advise the foundation to ensure our programs and efforts are relevant for the Switzer Network. We welcomed four new members to the committee this year: Daisy Benitez , Erik Martinez , Kimberley Miner , and...Read more >
Dec 14, 2022
“[Base flow] is really our key indicator for the health of the river,” said Nancy Steele, Friends of the Verde River’s executive director and 1993 Switzer Fellow. “It can’t be healthy if it doesn’t have water in it.”Read more >
Dec 7, 2022
In November 2021, the Switzer Network held a panel to bring together grant-seeking and grant-making Switzer Fellows to demystify philanthropy, network and learn from each other. Here are a few tips for building relationships with funders that Roger Perez and Jen Sokolove shared during the event.Read more >
Oct 6, 2022
Luis Alexis Rodríguez Cruz writes about how in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, activists have turned abandoned land into a community garden. They say El Huerto is only the beginning.Read more >


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