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30th Anniversary Planning!

Calling all Fellows!  Help us plan our 30th birthday party!

In 2016, it will be 30 years since Bob and Patricia Switzer established the Foundation's endowment with proceeds of the sale of Day-Glo Color Corp.  We want to celebrate this occasion with you, and we're ready to start planning some fun ways to do this!

To start, we'll need your ideas.  Tell us how you think we should recognize this remarkable network of 572 Fellows and 30 years of distinguished Fellowships and invaluable contributions to environmental leadership. Some ideas currently kicking around include:

  • A sponsored Speaker Series.  Who is on your wish list for a guest speaker, on either coast or in between?  This might be in conjunction with regional receptions for Fellows and colleagues, so don't let geography limit your ideas.
  • An Environmental Leader Award.  Who would you cast your vote for?
  • A Switzer Foundation Summit, or one-day conference.  Got any ideas on a well-attended Fellows' conference or event we could piggy-back on?

Please send your ideas to Lissa Widoff or Jessica Switzer, or post your ideas in the comments section below.  Let the planning begin!