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Accelerating the Green Energy Transition: 33% RPS and Beyond with Laura Wisland (Switzer Foundation Webinar Series)

Fellow(s): Laura Wisland

As Senior Energy Analyst for the Union of Concerned Scientists, Switzer Fellow Laura Wisland played an important role in the passage of California's Renewable Portfolio Standard. In this webinar, hear about her newest research into how California's utilities are faring under the new rules.

She answers questions including:

  • Where has California's renewable energy policy been, and where it is going?
  • What role have California's utilities played in promoting the development of clean electricity?
  • What must utilities and state policy makers do to ensure California continues to lead on clean energy policies?

She also talks about the Renewable Portfolio Standard with a specific focus on the top 5 largest utilities in California, and other policies on the table, including the Governor's goal to install 12 gigawatts of clean distributed generation by 2020.

Read a blog post by Laura Wisland that discusses the impact of falling energy prices on the RPS plan

Originally broadcast January 19, 2012

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