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Publicizing your partners: Switzer Foundation highlighted in Exponent Philanthropy blog

Exponent Philanthropy works to amplify and increase the impact of lean funders by building an inclusive community where they can learn, connect, and collaborate. They share advice and examples of best practices for funders in their blog, and recently featured the Switzer Foundation in their post What Grantees Want: Publicizing Your Partners and Their Work

The article encourages lean funders to leverage their websites and networks to raise the profile of their grantee partners, based on responses to their Grantee and Applicant Perception Surveys. They go on to explain the benefits of publicizing grantees and share advice for how to begin. 

The Switzer Foundation was shown as an example of how to elevate partners’ work for featuring Fellow Stories on our newly renovated website, and publishing a monthly newsletter.  

Read more in the full story, and thank you to Exponent Philanthropy for the shoutout!