About Nishaila's Work

Nishaila holds a B.A. in Earth and Environmental Science from Wesleyan University and is received her Master's at Northeastern University as a MLK Fellow through the African American Institute. Majoring in Environmental Science and Policy, Nishaila aspires to further her education specifically in urban resilience and climate adaptation practices with a focus on environmental justice communities. Dedicated to serving her community Nishaila serves on the LEAH Project advisory board as the President and the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry Board of Directors as the Clerk.

With experience in the environmental nonprofit sector Nishaila has a background in green infrastructure and is certified through the national green infrastructure certification program. Nishaila has worked with Shalanda Baker, Deputy Director for Energy Justice, at the U.S. Department of Energy as the Revolutionary Power Fellow. She worked with a team of researchers, assisting on projects related to the advancement of state-level transitions to equitable renewable energy.